About Belal El- Atari

Belal El-AtariBelal El-Atari loves seeing the joy a great cooked meal can do for a person. As the CEO of Buffalo Wing Factory, Belal’s Middle Eastern culture and hospitable upbringing sparked his passion in the food industry at a very early age. Belal El-Atari grew up watching his mother cook for all of his family gatherings and dinner parties. He loved the joy and togetherness that her great food brought to people and knew that it would become his calling after getting his first job at the Buffalo Wing Factory at the age of 15.

To Belal, the art of cooking is a relaxing experience and he finds pleasure in cooking for his friends whenever he can. When it comes to cooking essentials, Belal firmly believes olive oil, garlic, and lemon are the keys to an amazing meal. He loves to indulge in his favorite food spaghetti and anything spicy is sure to excite his palate.

Belal enjoys dining out weekly and explores new dining recommendations from Washingtonian Magazine’s Top 100 list as often as his schedule allows.

Belal El-Atari’s Favorite Restaurants

Gibson Steakhouse | Chicago Katana
Prime Steakhouse | Vegas
Rasika Central | Vegas
DGS Deli | Los Angeles
Melt | Los Angeles
Katana | Los Angeles
BellyQ | Chicago
Il Gabbiano | Miami

The Key to a Great Dining Experience

1. Professional Service  
2. Great Food
3. Cleanliness
4. Environment
5. Staff