A Personal & Secret Wine Cellar

belal-wine-1Looking to add a unique piece of architectural genius to your house? Want to be the envy of your friends and the entire neighborhood? Well with this special home staple you’ll not only feel like you live in Tuscany year round but you’ll also increase the value of your home exponentially.

I believe that a home should be unique and have a certain jenesequa to add flare and wow guests. A lot of people have pools and a lot of people have personal movie theatres, but not many people have a trap door that leads to a spiral staircase surrounded by vintage wine from around the world. What could be better than have a wide variety of vino at your fingertips from the finger lakes to the south of France?

Personal wine cellars concealed by either a trap door or visible for all guests are becoming a huge trend. Homeowners with a taste for grapes and looking to splurge a little have found that they need a proper showcase for their bottles and also something that will be an amazing conversation piece. As I am sure you can imagine these beautiful cellars do not exactly run cheap. Some of the cellars can run almost as much as a years tuition for college.

Feel free to peruse the photos of the wonderful photos below and get an idea of what the perfect wine cellars look like. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up having one in your next home. Thank you and enjoy!

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