How to Cook the Best Rib-Eye

Have you ever wondered how the best steakhouses cook their beef so perfect? How do they cook the meat just right to leave all the juices but still sear the outside just right. In this article I am going to walk you through how to properly prepare the perfect rib eye steak.


Now everyone knows that the bone-in rib eye is the best because of all the flavor that resides inside the bone, so first and foremost you will need to pick up a good cut from your local butcher.

The rib eye is also the fattiest of the better steaks out there however this means there will also be an increase in flavor. The rib eye is to be prepared differently than a typical T-bone, NY Strip, Filet, or Porterhouse.

One of the best things I can recommend when cooking this ultimate cut of beef would be to use a cast iron skillet. You can cook the rib eye on a grill but due to the high fat content you run the risk of flare ups and charring the meat beyond the point of saving.

Rib eyes are chalk full of flavor due to the bone and the high fat content so they won’t need too much extra flavoring. A healthy coating of sea salt and coarse ground pepper as a rub should be enough of a cooking addition. The salt draws out the natural juices in the meat which is then re-absorbed during the cooking process.


Note: Allow the rib eye to sit for 45-60 minutes to absorb the salt before cooking. This time will allow you to prepare your side dishes as well

The rib eye is a special cut as I have mentioned numerous times, especially in the sense that it should be served just a hair away from medium (135 degrees fahrenheit). You want to allow enough time for the fat to render out or you will be trying to eat a rubbery steak.

Once you have cooked the rib eye though to your liking allow the steak to sit for 10-15 minutes to allow the meat to absorb any juices lost during cooking. While the steak is sitting, place a nice pat of butter in the middle to melt and increase the velvety feel.

Hope you enjoy your meal and how I choose to prepare my rib eyes! Check back again soon for more helpful tips on preparing culinary delicacies. Thank you!


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