3 Fall Soups That Makes the Season

The fall is the perfect season for hunkering down over food and staying out of the cold. For me, the fall means great breakfast and also great soups. Here's a look at three different types of soups that make the season.


veggie chili bowl by the pioneer woman

via The Pioneer Woman

For me there are few things I look forward to more than chili. Bot the kick of the peppers and the warmth of the stew make it a dish most enjoyed in the colder months. But it's more than just the warmth and the kick—it's the ultimate fusion of flavors. Swimming in the chili is a profusion of tomatoes, onion, garlic, beans, pepper, meat (or lack there of), and your spices of choice. It's a versatile structure that welcomes innovation. I recommend this classic recipe from Better Homes and Gardens,  this Veggie recipe from The Pioneer Woman for those who prefer a meat-less option, and this Chinese Chili recipe who are looking to shake things up. For whatever recipe you decide on, make sure to have fun with the toppings and that you have some cornbread to soak it up!

Butternut Squash Soup

Cookie and Kate - Bowl of butternut squash soup

via CookieAndKate.com

When you think fall, you probably think gourds, pumpkins, and other strange vine-grown vegetables that you would otherwise not give the time of day. If you couldn't find a reason to do so before, the fall is the perfect time to enjoy the mildly sweet creaminess of butternut squash soup. There are a number of ways to make  butternut squash soup. You can aim to keep the ingredients simple so the squash really comes through, like in this recipe from Cookie and Kate, or you can go the other direction and aim for maximum creaminess, like in this Paula Dean recipe. It's the perfect Thanksgiving accoutrement. Personally, I prefer to pair butternut squash soup with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Carrot Dill Ginger Soup

Bowl of Carrot, Dill, and Ginger Soup via Katheryn's Kitchen

via KatherynsKitchen.com

Keeping with the orange theme, you can also opt for the Carrot Dill Soup route. It's such a simple recipe that at the same time manages to hit the spot just right. You can play around with your dill and ginger levels to get the right amount of bite. As with butternut squash soup, you can make carrot dill soup on the brothier side (Katheryn's Kitchen) or the creamier side (AndSheCanCook). You can even eschew the dill, and just go for a great carrot ginger soup. As always when eating soup: make sure that you're prepared with a nice loaf of bread. Happy cooking!

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