Breakfast Foods That Might Not Be Healthy

belal-el-atari-healthy-breakfastThe most important meal of the day is the beginning of your morning and what fuels you through the morning. Breakfast is an essential part of every healthy person’s day and should reflect a well-balanced proportionality. There are foods that might sound healthier than they are so its important to remember to have a nutritious yet delicious breakfast.

Bran Muffins:

Bran muffins that are mass produced and pre-packaged tend to have a high fat content and also be rather high in calories as well. You are better off making your own or seeking out an established bakery with less mystery products involved in each muffin.

Flavored Oatmeal:

Ever wonder how they flavored your favorite oatmeal perfectly? I’ll give you one hint and it's sticky and rots your teeth. It’s sugar. Flavored oatmeal has a really high sugar content that can sideline your morning really fast. Flavored oatmeal is also found to contain a lot of preservatives to increase the shelf life of the product. You are better served adding fresh fruits and maybe a dollop of natural peanut butter for your protein packed breakfast.

Egg Sandwiches:

People assume because there is egg involved they are getting an appropriate amount of good fats, healthy cholesterol, protein, and other nutrients. Egg sandwiches can take an unhealthy turn really fast though. Add in some cheese, a bagel, and possibly a grilled meat option and your healthy egg doesn't quite look so healthy anymore. And don’t even get me started on the freezer to microwave ready sandwiches.

Frozen Waffles:

More unhealthy freezer burnt breakfast items. Unfortunately those waffles you popped in the toaster are full of unhealthy preservatives, saturated fats, and not to mention the butter and syrup that is poured over the stack. You’re better off letting go of that eggo if you're looking for a slimmer waistline.


Smoothies walk the line on healthy and unhealthy pending on how they are made. Now it is true that everything is easier and more convenient when it's made by someone else, but if you’re looking to be more healthy in your morning routine, you’re better off making your own smoothie. Gather the fresh produce from your local market and blend up the smoothie with fresh juice and start your morning off right.

Thanks for reading!

-Belal El-Atari

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