Delicious Pizza Made at Home

belal-el-atari-pizzaEveryone loves pizza and can never get enough of it. Its the ultimate comfort food and its so easy to make. Some families have super secret recipes that are passed down through generations, but for those who don’t there is still hope. I am going to teach you how to make delicious pizza right in your very own kitchen. Hard to believe? Trust me and taste the doughy goodness of homemade pizza.

Below you will find the necessary steps to make your pizza. Feel free to add in some of your own spices and flavors. These are merely guidelines, so let your inner culinary genius come out and experiment with something new.

1. Make Your Own Pizza Dough:

Its really easy to buy pre-made dough but the feeling of the raw dough between your fingers and knowing you knead that delicious dough is extremely rewarding, and better tasting in my opinion. Feel free to make the dough you like whether its thick crust, crispy crust, thin crust, or fluffy crust.

2. Use High End Sauce:

Don’t use Ragu or any other cheap versions of Grandma’s secret sauce. Go for the gold with this pizza because your family and friends will remember you for it. You’ll definitely be able to taste the difference as the higher end sauces are made with more care and aren't mass produced.

3. Add Fresh Produce:

Visit your local farmers market if you can to pick up whatever toppings you’d like to sprinkle over your pie. Even better, if you have a home grown garden, use your own veggies. It’s the thought and care that goes into a pizza that makes it truly great. Chop up some green and red peppers and dice some onions and toss them on top.

4. Add Meat (Optional):

Now I know there are a lot of vegetarians out there so this step is completely up to your preference. I personally love meat on my pizza so I really like to load it on. I tend to use BBQ chicken, thin sliced steak, and genoa salami or pepperoni. Cut it how you like and toss it along alongside those veggies.

5. Cheese, Cheese, and more CHEESE:

You can never have enough cheese and theres so many flavors that you don’t have to choose just one. Whether its mozzarella, cheddar, pepper-jack, or any other of the millions of cheese, grab multiple handfuls and layer it up. The more cheese, the better is always my motto and my pizzas have always come out great.

6. Enjoy Your Pizza:

After cooking your perfect pizza at 400 degrees fahrenheit, its finally time to enjoy and indulge in your handcrafted masterpiece. Make sure you give the pizza a little time to cool before digging in so as not to burn yourself. Make sure you have napkins and your favorite beverage with a movie queued up and prepare your palate for a your very own homemade pizza.

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